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Welcome to Bearscove Newfoundlands

Hello …  My name is Catherine Davies

Although myself and my family have been involved in dogs all our lives, owning such breeds as German shepherds, Corgis, Shetland sheepdogs, Whippets & Rough collies, it is only since 1995 that I have been interested in this wonderful breed.

I encountered my first newfoundland ….

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Our Puppies

  • Our French Litter

    Dirty Dancing De I'illiade Et L'odyssee X Bridgestone Delamere Bearscove 07 / 12 / 13

    Our Sea Litter

    CH Albanywater Sea Dancer At Davistell X Bridgestone Delamere Bearscove 14 / 03 / 15


Latest news, updates & recent show results

NNC Water tests in Jersey

Whilst on holiday in Jersey with mum Deb & dad Marcus : Daisy ( Bearscove Sea Pearl At Davistell ) passed a level A water test & Beginners and level 1 draught test. B ( Bearscove Fontainbleau ) passed 2 beginners draught tests. Well Done Girls.

Darlington Championship Show

Darlington Championship Show 16 / 09 / 2017 Bearscove Sea Captain At Davistell Aka Jack Continues his winning ways winning yet another Limit Dog Class Thanks to judge : Dr Ronald W James ( Non Breed Specialist – Jasmorne )                  


Here you can read some judges critiques on our show dogs …
Huge Thank You to all the judges for thinking so highly of our dogs.

Miss Ali Walden ( Joalta ) NNC Open 26/ 09/2015

' Black 6 months old of good size, well boned throughout and still in most of his puppy coat, nice head and expression, not over done with a good shaped dark eye, lovely depth of body and length, developing well at the rear and took on the big ring, moved like he's been doing this for years. Best puppy dog '

Mr John J Burrows ( Mayoss ) Midland Counties 25/10/2015

' Super puppy, a good head developing, good rear and front angulation, excellent bone, moved very well. '

Mr Graham A Hill ( Non breed specialist - Dimland ) 28/11/2015

' A well grown 8 month old black who is pleasing in head, needs to grow into his ears, he has a very endearing gentle expression. He is very promising in development of bone and body with no obvious faults, which is so desirable in a puppy. He is true, well boned and well made in front with tight elbows endorsing his pleasing body substance and ribbing. Overall he already presents a balanced proportioned profile and, although has puppy features, he has sound foundation structure to grow on to a pleasing quality adult. His excellent conformation was confirmed by his active true movement. '

Mr Christopher M Drury ( breed specialist ) Birmingham National 06/05/2016

' 13 month old black dog. Good size. Close up to 1. Nice handsome kind head. Well balanced. Nicely proportioned throughout. Moved easily and freely '

Mrs Delphine Richards ( Sheridel ) Windsor 30/06/2016

' 15 month old very impressive male with the size, bone, width and depth not often evident at this age. Masculine head of good proportions, mid brown eye of correct shape, well shaped muzzle giving the desired balance to the head. Excellent strength of loin, being well muscled and short. Moved soundly and was a contender for the RCC but in the challenge he was slightly overreaching which created a subtle sideways gait. '

Mr Andrew R Sussams ( |Sealcove ) Leeds 22/07/2016

' Sixteen month old black male having strong bone and good head, dark eyes and ears correctly set. Correct bite and good reach of neck. Well bodied with deep chest and powerful hind quarters, moved with drive and well handled. '

Mrs Cathy Lyall ( Scotiabear ) Welsh kennel 26/08/2016

' Larger youngster with excellent bone, lovely head shape nice eyes and square muzzle good dentition, strong neck and good lay of shoulders, lovely strong topline, excellent angulations, moved around the ring with ease. Very well presented. '

Mrs Gill M Barker ( Startrek ) South walses kennel 08/10/2016

' 18 months old. Well made strongly boned 18 month youngster, lots to like. Good size, super bone, looks impressive in profile. I love his head, masculine but not exaggerated in any way, very kind well fitted dark eye, well balanced curving skull with correct gentle stop. Straight strong parallel for forlegs, correct width and depth of chest, well let down in brisket. Excellent level strong topline which he maintains when striding out freely. Hind quarters are powerful with good turn of stifle and strong made hocks which he uses to good advantage when striding away. A very promising lad. I am sure he has a bright future.

Mr Ian Sexton ( non breed specialist - Greenmile ) Newfoundland club 22/10/2016

' A 19 month old black, typical outline, well balanced and substantial throughout, large head, broad skull, deep strong muzzle, dark eyes, ears of correct length. He has the correct amount of width across his forchest, well laid upper arm and shoulders, deep brisket, well sprung ribcage and ribs carried well back. Level back, correct slope of croup and strong rear quarters, feet good and coat in good condition of the correct texture. His movement was strong and true coming and going and he moved around the ring with drive and purpose. '

Mr Stuart J Mallard ( non breed specialist - Tuckles ) Midland counties 26/10/2016

' At 19 mo this lad is well grown and harmoniously balanced, his head is of good size, well proportioned and displays correct attributes with eye that is just dark enough, well boned limbs support a body of substance and a well sprung ribcage, his topline is level and he has enough width through, free easy mover with correct tail carriage.'

Mr Graham A Hill ( Non breed specialist - Dimland ) 25/01/2017

' An upstanding 22 month old of impressive size and stature having a broad head which is masculine and breed typical in appearance. Pleasing confirmation all through, true well boned front and having depth and good tight elbows. Moderate angulation front and rear. Firm level topline. Moved the better of this class. '

Mr Frank Kane ( Non breed specialist - Hirontower ) Welks 28/04/2017

' 2 years, easy winner of this class, quality dog, full of type and a very good mover. Not yet mature in body and rib but his balance, outline and carriage set him apart in this class. Good head, bone and feet. '

Mrs Gloria Burrows ( Mayoss ) Leeds 22/07/2017

' Broad head, dark eye, plenty of bone and substance, level topline, moved well. '

Mr John J Burrows ( Mayoss ) Welsh Kennel 19/08/2017

' Outstanding youngster of 2 years old. Stunning head, lovely kind expression, good dark eye, excellent mouth, very well balanced, level topline standing and on the move with good length of tail, excellent front and rear angulation, good cat-like feet, in excellent coat, correct length of tail, in superb condition, excellent presentation, moved beautifully and again dog and handler in harmony together. CC '

Mr R John Evans ( Abbeydore )

' Good sized dog with broad head, dark eye correct ear set and deep muzzle. Good reach of neck, plenty of bone and substance. Deep chest, level topline held on the move, good rear angulation. Handled and presented first class. Moved very well RCC '

Mrs Anne P Springthorpe ( Millthorpe ) LKA 12/12/2015

' Another nice baby, 8 month old brown with correct eye colour for coat. Correct size for age, sweet head with kind expression, level topline moved so well wagging her tail all the way around. '

Mrs Jenny Davie ( Ceilidh ) Crufts 12/03/2016

' Lively brown with a very good head and naughty expression. Well constructed throughout. Loved her " Joire de vivre ". Moved soundly. '

Mrs Sue Lloyd Denham ( Stelamah ) W&PoWales 16/04/2016

' Loved this beautiful brown girl who was so unlucky to meet the winner. Not quite the maturity of 1 but lovely feminine head with sweet expression often hard to find in a brown. Lovely overall balanced body, good angulation front and rear, Moved with drive fore and aft. '

Mrs Debra Thornton ( Cypressbay - USA ) Southern Newfoundland Club 26/11/2016

' Lovely brown with pleasing expression. Good bone strong topline, good forechest I preferred her proportions and shortness of loin to 2nd. Moves well but I would take some hair off the inside of her hocks to give a truer picture of movement from behind. '

Mr Kevin Young ( Non breed specialist - Sunkap ) Boston 05/01/2017

' Pleasing head and expression with enough reach of neck. Good length and depth of body. With lovely bone and substance. Liked her feminine shape and outline. Winning this class on movement. '

Mr Atilla Soos ( Midnight ladys - Hungary ) Northern newfoundland club 01/04/2017

' Very good size and type, pretty feminine head ( but big ears ), liked her balanced shape with strong neck into strong shoulders and level back held on the move. '

Mr Atilla Soos ( Midnight ladys - Hungary ) Northern Newfoundland club 01/04/2017

' Litter sister to 2. Very pretty head ( though also has big ears ), strong built construction throughout, looked good in profile, good rhythmic movement. '