Welcome to Bearscove Newfoundlands

Hello …  My name is Catherine Davies

Although myself & my family have been involved in dogs all our lives, owning such breeds such as German shepherds, Corgis, Whippets, Rough collies & Shetland sheepdogs it is only since 2005 that I have been involved in this wonderful breed. I encountered my first newfoundland when I was staying with my auntie & uncle and their friends came round to visit with one. I fell in love with him the second I saw his fantastic head appear over the gate. I knew from that second I would once be owned by one as you can see looking through my website I soon found out how addictive they can be …….

I owe it all to Ray & Mariah who owned the newfoundland Culnor Oggy Dumpling ( Culnor What A Wally Bear X Stormy Rain Of Culnor )

Had it not been for them visiting I would not be were I am now ….

I am a small select show kennel living in a secluded village in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. I currently live with my mum and our newfoundlands & a catAll my newfoundlands live in the house with us and enjoy their walks around the lanes and country parks near where we live.

I am currently a member of the Northern newfoundland club.

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I very much welcomed my 1st newfoundland Tyson - Bosighey In Transit
Shortly followed by Sacha - Sheenmarie Forget Me Knot Into Bearscove I also decided I would give showing a go, as it was already in my blood , as my great uncle , who I was really close to , used to travel ALL over the world showing his whippets. He along with his sister bred the occasional litter. I was biten by the show bug , unfortunatley my little girl soon decided showing wasn't for her , she prefered to be wet & muddy instead , so she retired from the showring at Crufts in 2008.
We were joined by another Male Snob - Sandbears Such A Snob From Bearscove.
Sacha retired from the show ring as she decided that being wet & muddy was more for her as she loved swimming. Snob on the other hand loved the show ring as much if not more than me and continued to be shown gaining many placings at championship shows throughout the country.
I was now known under the Kennel Club affix of ' Bearscove '
We were joined by Mira - Bridgestone Delamere Bearscove In November of this year I attended a Breed Specific Hands-On Judging Seminar & Assesment & Passed so I am pleased to say that I have been added to the Northern & Southern Newfoundland Clubs Breed Judging Specialist " C " List
I thought long & hard and decided I would eventually breed from my wonderful dogs. The decision wasn't taken lightly I spent months & months of deliberation. I first and formost wanted to breed for Health, Type, Longtivity and of course Perfection along with Excellent Temprements. I decided to do this I would only breed from Top Quality, Sound & Clear Health Checked dogs. I wanted my puppies to have the best start in their lifes they can posssibly have. In December of this year we welcomed our very 1st litter of 11 newfoundlands with the added surprise of our 2 brown boys.
I decided to have another litter from my wonderful girl Mira in March of this year we welcomed another litter of 9 newfoundlands. In September at the age of just 6 months 2 of the puppies went into the showring.
The puppies continued their winning ways both taking respectable 1st placings at Crufts
Jack & Treasure still continuing to be shown ... & the story continues ....